World Aids Day: Get Free Syphilis Testing with any HIV Test Done.

WORLD AIDS DAY is a day to remember all those who have lost their lives to the illness and to remind us that HIV is still here. At the end of 2018, it is estimated that 32 million lives were lost worldwide to the disease.

To help end the AIDS epidemic, WHO set an ambitious treatment target of 90-90-90, for countries in the world to achieve by 2020:

  • 90% of those living with HIV will know their status.
  • 90% of those who are positive are on ART treatment.
  • 90% of those who are on treatment have undetectable levels of the virus.

There is an estimated 2 to 5 fold increased risk of acquiring HIV if exposed to that infection when syphilis is present, and studies have also shown that syphilis will increase the viral load of someone who is already HIV infected. It is critically important that syphilis infections be promptly diagnosed and treated in order to decrease the rates of subsequent HIV infection.

In support of World AIDS Day 2019, DTAP clinic will conduct free syphilis testing for every HIV test done. Find out more about our syphilis testing procedure and prices here: STD / HIV Testing & Screening

Get Your Free Syphilis Test from the 6th to 8th December for every HIV Test Done in our Ho Chi Minh Branch!

Free syphilis test

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Visiting Doctor: Dr Benjamin Loh

Dr Benjamin Loh, resident doctor from DTAP clinic @ Raffles Place, Singapore, will be visiting DTAP clinic @ Ho Chi Minh from the 6th to 8th Dec 2019! Highly experienced and specializing in with Men’s Health and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (HIV/ STDs), consult with or get a second opinion from Dr Benjamin Loh. [MBBS (Australia), MRCS (Edinburgh), DOHNS (Diploma in ENT), Cert. Men’s Health]

Dr Benjamin Loh

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