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Penile Infection Treatment in Ho Chi Minh City

Dr. Tan & Partners (DTAP Clinic) @ Ho Chi Minh City provides holistic and comprehensive Men’s Health (Andrology) services at the heart District 5 Ward 1 in Ho Chi Minh.

First established in 2005 in Robertson Walk (Singapore), our men’s clinics have been treating both local and foreign patients with erectile dysfunction medical issues in our clinics in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. 

Our men's health doctors (Andrologist) are experienced in diagnosing, treating and managing diseases and medical conditions specific to men, such as men’s hormonal issues, penile and foreskin-related problems, erectile dysfunction (ED), and Prostate issues

DTAP Men’s clinic in HCMC provides our patients with the medical in a private and discreet environment for our patient to discuss your medical issues with our doctors.


Penile Infection

What is a Penile Infection?


Penis infections frequently occur on the skin or in the urethra.

The penis is a complex organ comprising of skin, connective tissue, erectile tissue, nerves, blood vessels and the urethra which is the tube that runs through the middle of the penis and transmits urine and semen.

The skin on the penis comprises of the skin on the shaft, the foreskin and the glans (head of the penis). 

The skin on the shaft of the penis is similar to keratinised skin found elsewhere on the body. Infections that can affect other parts of the body like impetigo (an infection with a bacteria called Staphylococcus Aureus), hair follicle infections and oil gland infections can also affect the skin on the shaft of the penis.

Foreskin Infection

Foreskin Infection


The foreskin is usually more susceptible to infections as urine often gets trapped under the foreskin creating an environment where bacteria and fungi grow easily. 

This turns into a bigger problem for people with diabetes, as their urine may contain sugar which makes it an even better environment for the bacteria and fungi to grow in. 

In fact, many find out that they have diabetes when they suffer from a foreskin infection. Certain medication used to treat diabetes (SGLT2 inhibitors) - that promote the passing of sugar in the urine - can also greatly increase the risk of a foreskin infection.

STD & Non-STD Infections

STD & Non-STD Infections


Infections can also occur within the urethra of the penis. These infections are frequently sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Various STDs like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia and Herpes can cause an infection within the urethra. In such cases, the most common symptom is pain during passing urine.

Infection of the penis can be caused by bacterial, fungal and, not as often, viral organisms. These may sometimes be transmissible infections (e.g. STI’s/STD’s), but some may also be due to poor hygiene or underlying conditions such as diabetes.

What are the symptoms of a Penile Infection?


Some symptoms of penile infection include:

  • Rashes, ulcers or sores over the head or shaft of the penis
  • Pain or itching at the genitals
  • Swelling over skin
  • Pain while urinating
  • Blood in urine or Blood in semen
  • Pelvic pain or discomfort
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Urinary frequency
  • Abnormal penile discharge

One of the most common penile infections results in Balanitis, or inflammation of the head of the penis. This can be triggered off by sexual activity, poor hygiene after exercising, or may indicate a weakened immune system such as in poorly controlled diabetes.

Patients may see red or white spots or rashes over the head of the penis, with itching and increased sensitivity or discomfort. Balanitis can be caused by fungal or bacterial infections, which may need treatment with topical creams or sometimes even oral tablets.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1) What will happen when I see the doctor?


We will start with a consultation for your symptoms to assess the severity of the problem as well as determine if there is an underlying cause. This discussion will include questions on your past medical history, potential sexual exposures, and other risk factors for infection.

The doctor will perform a physical examination as appropriate - this may be to check for any tenderness or swelling in the genital area, enlarged lymph nodes, prostate enlargement, or skin changes like ulcers or rashes.

We will then advise you on the appropriate testing, which may include swabs or a urine sample, and blood testing if we are concerned about other associated infections or diseases.


2) I seem to get this problem frequently - what should I do?


See the doctor - there can be many reasons that you are getting these infections, including commonly missed diagnoses like diabetes.

We have picked up many patients with newly-diagnosed diabetes after they presented with recurrent Balanitis. It is best to treat these early as chronic Balanitis can lead to scarring, adhesions, and possibly phimosis (tightening of the foreskin making a retraction of the foreskin difficult or painful).

If you are getting recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI’s), we would need to evaluate for sexually transmitted infections which are commonly missed on regular urine testing at GP’s, and if these tests are clear we would assess for any other underlying problems with the urinary system, such as kidney stones, urinary reflux, and prostate enlargement.


3) Would I need a circumcision?


Circumcision is rarely needed to treat a penis infection. In certain situations like diabetes, or situations causing recurrent bacterial or fungal infections of his foreskin (recurrent balanitis), individuals may benefit from a circumcision.

4) Are these conditions curable?


Yes, most penile infections are readily treatable with either anti-fungal or antibiotic therapy. Depending on the type of infection, medication may either be topical creams or oral tablets, ranging from a single dose to a few weeks in complicated cases.

In STI cases, it would also be recommended that your partner gets tested and treated as well. In non-STI case, we would hope to address the underlying condition or risk factor - for instance, if you are found to have diabetes or kidney stones, these will need to be treated as well to reduce the risk of recurrent infection.



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